Transition Times – 2020 Climate Campaign

This is a presentation that Peter has been giving since coming back from the launch of the 2020 Climate Leadership Campaign in Belo Horizonte (Brazil), August 2009. It covers the global challenge we face, climate change and the approach of the 2020 campaign, as well as some of the story of Brazil 2020 so far.

Transition Times – 2020 Climate Campaign from Peter Merry on Vimeo.

Meshworking for MDG5

A presentation on a project with 60 parliamentarians from around the world who are working on Millennium Development Goal 5 (Maternal and Newborn Health). How we helped them align around core pillars and conditions, and created the conditions for sustainable collaboration. Slides with narration. Download for iPod (50.2MB)

Meshworking for MDG5 from Peter Merry on Vimeo.

Klaar om te Wenden

900 people show up for an experience in a converted factory with Dr Don Beck, Prof Ervin Laszlo, Herman Wijffels and Peter Merry as contributors. We blow the roof off the place and the Center for Human Emergence Netherlands is on the map. Now we have a responsibility to channel that energy.

Talk in March 2006 at major public event about change in the Netherlands. Peter was speaking alongside Herman Wijffels, Prof Ervin Laszlo and Dr Don Beck.

Klaar om te Wenden from Peter Merry on Vimeo.

Edit: Blog (in Dutch) and recordings here by Hans Mestrum