Fundamentals of Energy Work

I’m very excited about this event I will be co-teaching on with Calen and Jini Rayne in Asheville, USA in September. We are pioneering an introduction to the basics in energetic work, to help people get a sense of what it is all about and then find their way into practices that suit them if appropriate. Calen is a true master of the invisible realms and Jini is one of the world’s most qualified Feng Shui practitioners.

Click here for more info on my site, or go directly to Calen’s site here. Register by emailing me ( or Calen ( We are choosing to keep the group quite small first time round (c 15) and have a few places left, so if you feel called, act now!

Sacred Leadership

This is a paper that I submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the PhD in Wisdom Studies at Wisdom University, following on from a 5-day intensive on The Wisdom Factor: Sacred Leadership for a world in transition, hosted by Dr Will Taegel and Dr Judith Yost. 



The first note that I made to myself just before this intensive started said “Sacred leadership creates the energetic, relational and material containers for spirit to do its work”. One of the last notes I made as Dr Will Taegel summarised the week was his suggestion that sacred leadership could be about letting the eco-field come through us, what I noted as “leading from the field”. My sense is that where the latter interpretation focuses on a surrender to the field and letting it work through us, the former suggests a co-creative role of the leader with the field. I believe that we are being called on as co-creators, and that our ability to contribute appropriately is dependent on our capacity for listening to the field. It is a yin-yang dance between surrender and creation. In fact, this very dynamic tension plays out in writing a paper like this, and a PhD dissertation, in which I as the author look to ground my position in existing published knowledge, whilst at the same time adding my own creative impulse and new ideas. In this paper I will explore the different qualities of sacred leadership that could enable this sensitivity and co-creativity to be present in a leader today.

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The MindLamp – a sign of the times

I just ordered a MindLamp for some of my family for Christmas, and as part of a deal, I got a cheaper rate, so have two over here in the Netherlands for anyone who is interested!

The fact that the MindLamp even exists is remarkable and gives me great hope. It is based on the research that came out of the 28 year Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) where they showed clearly how human intention impacts the otherwise random generation of events in technology, as well as the coherence of groups. Key to their research was Random Event Generator technology that basically generates 1’s and 0’s in a random way, unless otherwise influenced.

The MindLamp is a beautiful looking lamp that fades in and out between different colours, but its secret lies in the fact that there is a Random Event Generator embedded in it. This means that you can influence the colour of the lamp with your intention! It’s very cool! My kids (8 and 6) can do it no problem; the adults often have to shift some belief systems first! I have also used it in leadership trainings when working on intention. You can for example have one group willing it to turn green and the other group red. The interesting conversation is about what conditions in yourself seem to influence the lamp the way you wanted?

The very fact it exists is psycho-active. The fact that you have a lamp in your living room that changes under the influence of your intention challenges most of the science we are currently taught at school and makes a world of interconnectedness very tangible. Many thanks to Psyleron for putting it out there.

Check out the MindLamp video below. You can see more at If you want one of the two I have for sale here in the Netherlands, let me know!

Mind Lamp: Mind-Matter Interaction Technology from Psyleron on Vimeo.