Evolutionary Leadership interview

Here is a recording of an interview that Barbara Marx Hubbard did with me for her Shift Network course on Generation One. It was lots of fun and great to have Barbara asking the questions and holding space.

My latest take on life, the universe and everything – Volution

This is the pre-paper that I wrote for Wisdom University’s Fundamentals of Cosmometry virtual intensive. It carries a creative commons copyright. 



This paper describes my current understanding of life, the fundamental patterns at work, and the implications of that for our work in the world – in a very compact nutshell! It draws on my collaboration with Dylan Newcomb, input from Marshall Lefferts at the Wisdom University Chartres intensive 2011, the work of Nassim Haramein, ECOtherapy concepts and practice of Hans Andeweg, and my own original ideas.

Three Architectures

I understand reality as composed of what I call three primary architectures: material, relational and energetic. The quality of the material is defined by the quality of the relational which is defined by the quality of the energetic.

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Presence in Essence – letting go, letting come and the space in between

This is something I have been wanting to do for a while, and now it is going to happen! We are going to run a two-and-a-half day intensive to really dive into the essence of emergence, Theory U and presencing. Too often Theory U has been taken as a tool to apply to a system, whereas it is really a description of the natural cycle of emergence. At the core of the emergence process is the dropping away of the old, the stillness in the space which that leaves, and the birth of something new out of that womb. We will experience and reflect on the core of that process during this event, with real experiences from our work in the world. No knowledge of the model needed!

What is also very cool is that we have someone with real experience of hospicing (Ivo Callens) and of midwiving (Teresa Collins) on the team, to join myself and Gert van Santen holding the flow as a whole.

It is June 18-20 – nicely aligned with the summer solstice – and will be held at the beautiful and nourishing location of Samaya in Werkhoven, the Netherlands. It would be great to have you with us. Click here for more info.

Poetry 1992-1996

I have just added a number of my poems to the blog archive. I wrote them in a period in the mid-nineties, read them again the other day, decided they were actually pretty good and as part of who I am should be put out there. So here you go! I have estimated the date that I wrote them, but can’t be sure. Here is what I was up to over those years.

1992 was my final year of studying French and German at Exeter University in England, where I spent much time directing and acting in theater productions in French and German. I was particularly interested in the absurdists – eg Alfred Jarry, Albert Camus, Sartre, Ionesco – as well as one particularly striking character called Antonin Artaud. Artaud wrote dozens of tomes of poetry, theatre and treatises, many of them very hard to read, but what stuck with me was his very lucid writing on the nature of sanity and insanity, suggesting actually that the insane saw reality more clearly that the so-called sane. He himself was locked away in an asylum for a bit (this partly inspired me to direct a Peter Brook inspired production in German of Peter Weiss’ Marat/Sade which won a national drama prize).

1992-3 took me to Paris where I taught English for c 12 hrs per week at Universite de Nanterre (Paris X), and worked c 30 hrs a week in the evenings with a theatre company called Le Théâtre D-Nué run by an Iranian director Sadreddin Zahed who had worked closely with Brook and integrated improv, physical work (Grotowski-esque) and Persian story-telling – an amazing experience!

In 1994 I went to northern Ghana with Voluntary Service Overseas, teaching English in the small rural town of Bole. At the same time I was studying development economics (eg Wolfgang Sachs) and spirituality (eg Gurdjieff). It was a year that shook the foundations of my being, including having to look death in the eye.

I returned to the UK in 1995 and threw myself into Green activism and politics, before starting on a cross-disciplinary MSc in Human Ecology at the University of Edinburgh.

These were key years in my development, full of passion, fun and creativity. Since then I have not written poetry – maybe this is part of reconnecting to that side of me?

The poems call all be found under the Poetry category of the blog. Enjoy, and let me know what you think!